Maternity Support

We believe in making doulas and lactation support more accessible at duty stations by providing professional listings for your community. Our participating professionals are ready to connect with expecting families looking to add valuable support along the way. Our professionals endorse our JANZ Moms Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics everywhere.

Why Doula Support?

Many Military families find themselves stationed at locations where having support during during pregnancy, birth and postpartum is limited.  So why would adding a doula to your birth team help?

We know studies support that adding a doula to the team can benefit in many ways. The benefits of having emotional, physical and informational support have been shown to help with better birth outcomes. Doulas will also support births at a hospital, home or birth center. A doula will be there for medicated or unmedicated births and scheduled cesareans.



Will a doula replace a spouse, partner, family member or friend? No! Doulas are trained professionals in the birthing space to help support the wishes of the mother and facilitate communication between the family and medical team.

At JANZ Moms we want to provide a place where you can locate local doulas with a variety of backgrounds, experience and a desire to support the Military community.



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Why Lactation Support is Important

Everyone’s lactation journey is different. Having the support and information you need to gain confidence and answer questions is important. But sometimes it isn’t easy to find these resources. Virtual lactation consultations are a great alternative where in-person support is limited, but some people need continued hands-on experience. Your lactation journey matters, and JANZ Moms sees where you need support at any stage as a Military family or Service Member.

Knowing where to find and what kind of support can be provided can help solve any problems and continue breastfeeding for as long as desired.


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JANZ Medical Supply

Proudly Serving Our Active American Military, Dependents, Veterans, and Retirees.


Our JANZ Moms are very important to us. We ensure that all of our vendor partners share our high standards so we can provide the best products for you and your family. Our team focuses on providing JANZ Moms with education and support worldwide. We recognize a need for this in our Military communities, so we decided to bring our network to you, wherever you are. 


Roughly 75% of JANZ employees are former or Active Military Members and/or Dependents of Military Members. We are dedicated to providing quality medical equipment and superior customer service, no matter where you are stationed or deployed. With over 30 medical supply stores on U.S Military bases worldwide, JANZ is the largest on-base supplier of home medical equipment to the U.S. Military. We can also ship to any U.S. Military base when you order medical supplies and equipment online. Our process is simple. You pick out the products you need, we direct bill your insurance company (Tricare, AETNA, etc.) to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and time-consuming paperwork, then the supplies show up at your door. We make it easy for you to get the supplies you need when you need them every step of the way. 


Please enjoy our wide variety of breast pumps, mom self-care items, milk bags, and other essential medical equipment and supplies.

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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

The Department of Defense (DoD) has undertaken an outreach effort to identify small businesses owned and controlled by Veterans and service-disabled Veterans. The DoD outreach effort aims to improve prime and subcontracting opportunities for Veteran and service-disabled Veteran-owned small businesses. The DoD believes that the sacrifices made by Veterans in the service of our country needs to be recognized at all levels of government. The DoD is committed to make the maximum practicable prime and subcontracting opportunities available to such firms.